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About EdTec

EdTec is a social venture founded in 2001 to exclusively serve the needs of charter schools. Our mission is to support operational and academic quality in the charter movement by:

  • Delivering the highest value charter school support services and expertise to the developers and schools we serve
  • Bringing the benefits of our economies of scale to resource-constrained charter schools and developers

EdTec Scale
EdTec was founded on the realization that, like any small business, charter schools need capable, experienced staff with specialized operational skills in a multitude of areas but cannot afford to bring that staff on board.

  • By providing the benefits of scale, EdTec's service offering allows charter schools to focus more of their limited resources on classroom instruction and improving student achievement.

Unparalleled Reputation and Service Offering
EdTec is the most highly-regarded back-office and professional consulting services provider for charter schools.

  • EdTec's comprehensive services offering spans the entire charter school lifecycle—from charter petition development support, school launch and operations, to board governance, strategic planning, student / school performance, and charter renewal.
  • The overall EdTec service delivery is proactive, forward-looking and brings our deep charter operations expertise to bear on behalf of our school partners.
  • EdTec follows a philosophy of continuous improvement. We determine client requirements, expectations and preferences by working closely with our school partners throughout the year and by conducting an in-depth Customer Satisfaction Survey process that occurs annually.

EdTec Presence

  • EdTec has provided its comprehensive range of support services to more than 325 charter schools and charter developers supporting over 90,000 students across 60 districts in over 40 counties and seven states.
  • EdTec is a partner, sponsor, and services provider to statewide charter school support associations in multiple states.
  • Re-elected member to the California Charter Schools Association Member Council, a body that helps set policy for the charter school movement in California.