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Terri Novacek, Executive Director
Dehesa Charter School
Dehesa Charter School Logo
"EdTec provides excellent services in all areas. All EdTec employees are highly professional and display a great deal of interest and knowledge in matters of accounting, reporting documentation, interpreting regulations..." [ More ]
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Client Testimonials

"EdTec has provided excellent business management to Valley Prep. This is our third school year with the company and we are very pleased. Our state reports are always submitted to the authorizing district on time and our school budget is carefully monitored. Unfortunately, from 2005-2007 our school worked with a back office company that did not monitor our budget or serve the school well, so we especially appreciate EdTec's professional service."

Valley Preparatory Academy Charter School LogoShelly Melton, Executive Director
Valley Preparatory Academy Charter School
Back-Office Services, LEA & Schoolwide Plan Development

"EdTec has proven to be an excellent service provider for Envision Schools, a charter management organization with four schools in the Bay Area. EdTec staff members are professional, well-trained, efficient, and proactive. They have provided first-class support for PowerSchool, compliance, local and state reporting, and CALPADS migration.

EdTec has worked across our organization to create systems that make us more efficient. I would recommend them to others."

Envision Schools LogoJohn Krull, Vice President, Technology
Envision Schools
Back-Office Services, PowerSchool, Data Services

"Our experience with EdTec has been excellent and we would highly recommend them to other schools. The EdTec team is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to work with."

Environmental Charter Schools LogoAlison Diaz, Executive Director
Environmental Charter Schools
Back-Office Services, Middle School Market Analysis,
DataDirector, PowerSchool

"The professional staff at EdTec is second to none. They have assisted in so many ways that we consider them part of our school family. They are always prompt and responsive and ensure that we are successful in all facets of school administration."

Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy LogoDr. Nicolas Retana, Executive Director
Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy
Charter Petition Development, Nell Soto Grant Application,
PowerSchool, Back-Office Services

"Our partnership with EdTec is priceless! The staff is responsive, smart, and hard-working. We couldn't do the hard work of educating our students without their support and services."

Lighthouse Community Charter LogoJenna Stauffer,
Founder and Director of Strategic Development
Lighthouse Community Charter
Back-Office Services, Prop 1D Application Assistance,
Census Report, PowerSchool

"EdTec provided excellent service during startup in budgeting, cash flows projections, payroll, accounts receivables and the Consolidated Application."

Making Waves Academy LogoAnton Jungherr, Business Manager
Making Waves Academy
Schoolwide Program Plan Development,
LEA Plan Development, PowerSchool,
Back-Office Services, Personnel File & State & NCLB
Highly Qualified Teacher Compliance

"EdTec has seen us through two very challenging periods in the history of our school. They went above and beyond the call of duty to provide support and expertise during a turnover in administration. Years later, they came to the rescue again after we made the mistake of going with a less expensive provider. I have had nothing but positive experiences with every member I've dealt with on their staff. They are a competent, patient, and supportive group."

Dehesa Charter SchoolTerri Novacek, Executive Director
Dehesa Charter School
Back-Office Services, Grant Writing

"EdTec provides excellent services in all areas. All EdTec employees are highly professional and display a great deal of interest and knowledge in matters of accounting, reporting documentation, interpreting regulations, items of compliance, legal issues, data analysis, budgeting, financial matters and in general a sincere desire to help running our school in an exemplary manner."

Peppina Liano Chang, Director
Richmond College Prep K-5 Charter School
LEA Plan, Fundraising Plan, Strategic Planning, Charter Renewal Petition Assistance, Staffing Projects, Back-Office Services, DataDirector

"EdTec provides excellent service. They understand our specific needs, they're reliable, and we couldn't operate the school without their assistance."

Bullis Charter School LogoWanny Hersey, Superintendent/Principal
Bullis Charter School
Back-Office Services,
Teacher Credential Review, DataDirector

"I have been very pleased and impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise demonstrated by the EdTec personnel I have worked with. I highly recommend them."

Bill Bindewald, Director
Stone Bridge School
EdTec School Portal, Back-Office Services

"Service has been excellent. Staff is responsive. Lots of expertise."

Discovery Charter School LogoStephen Fiss, Strategic Advisor
Discovery Charter School
Back-Office Services, EdTec School Portal, DataDirector, Nell Soto Parent/Teacher Program, PowerSchool

"EdTec is simply amazing. We hired a back-office services provider and received much more! EdTec is an integral part of our board team, providing accurate and up to date financials and analysis, guidance on governance issues, and a lot more. Our staff leans on EdTec constantly in the areas of H.R., payroll, auditing and other key operational areas. The most exciting part is that EdTec understands schools and are always helping us find better ways to serve the needs of our students. I would not want to run my organization without them."

Environmental Charter High School LogoKennedy Hilario, former Executive Director
Environmental Charter High School
Back-Office Services, Middle School Market Analysis, DataDirector, PowerSchool