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"Our partnership with EdTec is priceless! The staff is responsive, smart, and hard-working. We couldn't do the hard work of educating our students without their support and services."
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Charter Development

EdTec draws on its extensive charter development experience in assisting your development team to draft a strong, compliant petition to increase the likelihood of authorizer approval.

Charter Petition Narrative Assistance

  • Review any existing petition draft or material provided by school developers that can be leveraged for the petition (design team backgrounds, governance structure, vision for the school, etc.)
  • Review and advise on curriculum components
  • Draft a petition to demonstrate compliance with charter law requirements, incorporating curriculum components provided to EdTec by design team

Charter Petition Budget Development

  • Collaborate with developer team on school design and projected revenue / expense assumptions for all elements of the proposed school, including:
    • Location and facilities costs
    • Grade levels to be served
    • Programs to be offered
    • Salary and staffing considerations
  • Develop a multi-year budget for the school in standardized format that includes all government revenues the school can expect to receive
  • Consult with the school's developers on key budget planning issues
  • Develop cash-flow projections
  • Provide budget support for the charter petition at key authorizer meetings
  • Revisions to the budget as needed
  • Service includes a budget revision for the Walton Business Plan

Charter Petition Advocacy

  • Advise the school on strategies for successfully advocating the petition
  • Support your development team at authorizer hearings and staff review meetings