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Valley Preparatory Academy Charter School
Back-Office Services, LEA & Schoolwide Plan Development
"EdTec has provided excellent business management to Valley Prep. This is our second school year with the company and we are very pleased. Our state reports are always submitted to the authorizing district on time and our school budget is carefully monitored..." [ More ]
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Charter Development

EdTec draws on its extensive charter development experience in assisting your development team to draft a strong, compliant petition to increase the likelihood of authorizer approval.

Charter Petition Narrative Assistance

  • Review any existing petition draft or material provided by school developers that can be leveraged for the petition (design team backgrounds, governance structure, vision for the school, etc.)
  • Review and advise on curriculum components
  • Draft a petition to demonstrate compliance with charter law requirements, incorporating curriculum components provided to EdTec by design team

Charter Petition Budget Development

  • Collaborate with developer team on school design and projected revenue / expense assumptions for all elements of the proposed school, including:
    • Location and facilities costs
    • Grade levels to be served
    • Programs to be offered
    • Salary and staffing considerations
  • Develop a multi-year budget for the school in standardized format that includes all government revenues the school can expect to receive
  • Consult with the school's developers on key budget planning issues
  • Develop cash-flow projections
  • Provide budget support for the charter petition at key authorizer meetings
  • Revisions to the budget as needed
  • Service includes a budget revision for the Walton Business Plan

Charter Petition Advocacy

  • Advise the school on strategies for successfully advocating the petition
  • Support your development team at authorizer hearings and staff review meetings