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Environmental Charter
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Charter Petition Development,
Nell Soto Grant Application, PowerSchool, Back-Office Services
"The most exciting part is that EdTec understands schools and are always helping us find better ways to serve the needs of our students. I would not want to run my organization without them..."
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School Performance and Educational Support

As part of our School Performance and Educational Support Services offering, EdTec assists charter schools and developers with expertise in a number of areas through hourly consulting engagements:

Business Consulting Services


  • LCAP
  • Academic Performance
  • Test Score Analysis
  • School Improvement Strategies and Plans
  • Data Assessment Management Solutions
  • State and Federal Compliance


Charter Development

Resource Development

  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising Plans
  • Title 1 LEA / Schoolwide Plans
  • Development Planning
  • Supplemental Hourly Instruction

WASC and A-G Approval

  • WASC Process Training and Management
  • Self Study Development
  • A-G Course Development/Submittal

Special Education / 504 Plans

  • Compliance & Program Development
  • Policies & Procedures


  • Financing Support
  • Loan Packages

Professional Development

  • Leadership Training & Coaching
  • School Climate Development
  • Instructional Improvement
  • Curriculum Alignment

Human Resources

  • Recruitment
  • Personnel Planning
  • Job Descriptions & Evaluations
  • Credentialing Compliance
  • Compensation Programs

District Relations

  • Coalition Building / Mediation
  • Communication

Independent Study

  • Program Development
  • Compliance & Paperwork